THE PERFECT HORSE BARN - What You Need to Know BEFORE Purchasing a Shed Row Barn or Run-In

What is “THE perfect horse barn?” 


That question can have different answers to different people depending on the type and quantity of horses they own. 


However, certain elements of the perfect horse barn are universal…


The perfect horse barn must be:

- Safe for horses and people

- Warm, Dry and Comfortable

- Attractive






These perfect horse barn elements are achieved with:


  • Adequate light
  • Abundant fresh air
  • Strong walls
  • Appropriately sized stalls
  • Sturdy doors
  • Leak-proof roof
  • Durable hardware
  • Long-Lasting, quality building materials
  • Workmanship and craftsmanship guaranteed in the design and built in to the construction


A BONUS to the perfect horse barn – things that would make it even MORE perfect would be …


  • Reasonable Price
  • Low, no, or reduced impact on property taxes or insurance
  • Ready for your horses to move in WEEKS NOT MONTHS after you purchase it

If that sounds like a lot of hype and too good to be true – rest assured it’s not!


Depending on what part of the country you live in you may or may not be familiar with the concept of PRE-BUILT horse barns. 


A good number of companies making these barns are located in the Northeastern part of the United States.  Many of these barns are being built by the Amish whose traditions of craftsmanship and an honest, old-fashioned work ethic are familiar to all.


These barns are delivered to your property FULLY ASSEMBLED AND READY FOR SAME-DAY USE - Imagine something like a mobile home for horses.


There is nothing cheap or slip-shod about these barns.


  • Solid wood construction
  • Steel powder coated hardware
  • Carefully thought-out design
  • Built with a high degree of skilled, careful workmanship

10 x 32 Horse Barn with 2 10 x 12 stalls and 8 x 12 tack room.


From the Ground up
: - Permits, Location, Site Prep, and Anchoring.

Home Sweet Home: - Stall Size, Floor Space, Walls and Partitions, Doors, Windows, Siding, Framing, and Roofing.

A Few More Important Details: - Ventilation, Storage, and Overhang.

How Do They Do That?? - Delivery.

For a
* FREE Shipping


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Did you know that a center aisle barn is now available using the pre-fab horse barn principles?

36 x 36 Modular Horse Barn with Loft
4 - 12 x 12 Stalls, Wash Rack & Tack/Feed Room

You can design your own barn...
* Specify size and number of stalls
* 10' or 12' Center Aisle
* Full or partial lofts are available
* And so much more!

The best part is - These barns typically start in the mid-$20s. The average cost is around $40,000.

All the information found in "The Perfect Barn" would apply to these larger, modular styles as well!

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